Tired of Online Dating? Been Ghosted? Cat-fished? tired of “swiping”?

It’s a match Event has come to Calgary & Red Deer its simple FUN dynamic way to meet your potential Match.
How does it work? Well keep scrolling down

STEP 1 Fill in your Details! let us know who you are what you are looking for as well as some fun details about you

STEP 2 We began the search for you in our database, we MANUALLY begin to match you with potential Matches usually anyone who is 70-75% or higher to achieve optimal results.

step 3 If we find you 1 or more matches we let you know about our NEXT Event where we only have a few selected potential matches (1to 3 ) where you will get to meet them in a relaxed atmosphere

This is NOT a speed dating its more of a casual meal with a dynamic spin to it, yes you will rotate between matches and at the end pick your match!



Doors Open.- We will welcome you all to the venue and Ladies will sit first in a pre numbered Table, you will find a nice touch and a small gift for you to keep.

Once the ladies are sited then the Gentleman will be assigned a random table and you will be introduced to your first match.

You will be served the entre and will converse for about 10 minutes with your first match

the first break comes in to enjoy a fun contest with your first match! this is your chance to win a prize

Then the Gentleman will move to meet their second match and you will be enjoying the 2nd course of a prepared meal for two for about 10 more minutes

the 2nd break comes in to enjoy a fun contest with your 2nd match! this is your chance to win a prize or… ca$H??

The 3rd round will be to enjoy a nice main course for another 10 minutes, this will be almost ready to close the Event

the last break comes in to enjoy and ladies will choose their Gentleman team mate, as this will be a general culture questions to win $100.00! CA$H

Dessert will be served in a joined Table for all Couples to have some fun mix and mingle.

During this time you are Free to exchange contact details.


How does the Matching Process work?

Based on the answers you gave us in the registration form we will look for someone with at least a 50-60% matching and invite you to the Event

Do you conduct a background Check?

After you have been invited to the event we will ask you to show ID and while we don’t conduct any background checks if you show us (eyes only) an original Background check not older than 6 months we will mark your Profile as ID/Background Check and a Check Mark!

How many Matches i will meet?

Our Matching Events are structured to meet 3 to 5 potential Matches allowing you the time to get to know and have fun while meeting new people.

What is the cost of the Event?

If Invited the Cost of the Event is $75.00 and your ticket includes the Following:

  • Meet 3-5 Potential Matches
  • 1 Courtesy alcoholic Drink (highball/Beer)
  • Complimentary Coffee Tea or Pop
  • 3 Course Meal (entre-Main-desert)
  • 1 Thank You gift
  • Enter the draw of 3 Prizes during the Event

Is there an Age limit?

We encourage anyone of the Age of 25 to Join our Matching events, however if we have a pool of Younger people (18 to 25) we will set up an event for that group.

In any case to Join our Event everyone needs to be over the age of 18