Singles Events

A Fun way to meet like minded singles, in a NON pressure environment

About the Event

Is Calgary Ready for a new concept in Singles dating event?

Can You get to know someone in 7 minutes? we have an alternative come and find out!

You’ve probably been to many Events like speed dating, mixers, meetups and other similar events what makes our event different is that there is NO PRESSURE in getting to know your ideal match because the event follows a simple fun format.

  1. Arrive on time, doors open 15 min before the event
  2. Fill out YOUR Details
  3. Event commences with Ice breakers (take notes)
  4. Speedy Dating Start (first 3 Dates)
  5. BREAK for Mini contest and Prize drawn
  6. Speed Dating continues (3 more dates)
  7. SNACK Break
  8. Contests 2nd Prize draw and more!
  9. Speed Dating last round ( 3 or 4 dates)
  10. Last contest and surprise. (event concludes)

Your Admission Ticket includes the following:

  • 1 Complementary Soft Drink & Alcoholic Drink
  • Up to 8-10 Mini Dates
  • Hearty Appetizers
  • Entry for a Draw of up to 3 prizes
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If Paying by INTERAC E TRANSFER please send $55.00 TO be sure to include Name email and Phone number.

*If paying by Credit Card Below, Price includes a 3% credit card convenience Fee



Why do i need ID?

To Verify your age and Name only

Do you Pre-Screen the Attendees?

No We don’t

How is My Information being handled?

We Take your Privacy Seriously and we don’t share this information besides our Staff, and Potential Match (es) which in this case will be Phone+ email address only Paula B (403)123-4567

Can I attend if I'm outside the Age of the Event?

We have a leeway of +-2yrs to attend i.e the Event is 30’s expect attendees ranging 28-42 years old.

What is the Dress Code for the Event?

Dress to Impress!!, this is like your first date, smart casual is fine!

Events Calendar

Dates & Demographics

Saturday April 1st 25th 5:00 pm (M-F 35-45)